Here are just a few satisfied customers...

Cathy H.– 2015

In 2011, I came to Still Meadows barely able to sit on a horse. Ok, I could walk, but a trot or worse, a lope would certainly have found me eating dirt. This year (2015) found me purchasing a professionally trained reining horse and starting to compete. With complete sincerity, I would never have made it this far without Christine's expertise, patience and dedication. The services I have used with Christine are riding lessons in various disciplines, horse training, horse boarding and horse sales and purchasing. I could take up a complete web page elaborating, but safe to say, I will be continuing to use her services.

Milena S.– 2015

Coaching Testimonial
Christine is focused, knowledgeable and willing to put in the time to make you a better equestrian. She has brought my riding to the next level over the last year. When I started lessons with Christine I knew very little about proper etiquette; I still have much but thanks to her I have achieved most of my barrel racing goals. Christine Drisner is a magnificent coach and I would not be where I am today in the horse world without her.

Ranch Testimonial
Still Meadows Ranch is a really supportive and positive environment to be in. Along with its facility also comes the making of friends. The horses are treated very well and I would recommend anyone to board there. The programs are services are run very smoothly. The staff are always willing to help with a smile. Still Meadows is the best!

Sirus - 2012

One of our beautiful 2012 colts was purchased in October 2012 by Cavalia! Not only that, but Sirus immediately joined the opening show!

Jude - 2011

Hi Christine! Just wanted to let you know that Jude has worked out great! Because of her willing and easy going nature as well as her previous training, she has given Mikaela so much confidence. Since we got her a couple of months ago, Mikaela has progressed from being timid at taking a few walking steps to trotting and even trotting over poles. Like you said, Jude was the perfect starter horse. She and Mikaela have been having weekly lessons together and starting in May they will be going to pony club together for lessons. We are also planning to go to our local gymkhana club this summer and maybe by then they will be going at a lope! What a difference a good horse makes! Jude is worth her weight in gold!! I have already passed on your name to someone I met looking for a youth horse.

Morgan and Char – 2010

I bought my horse, Char, from Still Meadows Ranch in February 2010. I came to SMR wanting to get into barrel racing and looking for a horse that was experienced and knew the pattern. They let me try out different barrel horses they had for sale and helped me find a horse that fit what I was looking for. After I bought my horse, I started taking barrel racing lessons with Christine and I still am currently. Christine really helped me get used to my new horse and taught me how to use my spirited mare’s energy more efficiently towards running the barrels. The lessons always have a fun, friendly and encouraging atmosphere, and always push you to do your best and build on your skills. I came to SMR last winter not knowing anything about barrel racing and I am now running my mare in numerous jackpots and rodeo’s.

An additional interest of mine is team roping and goat tying and the SMR staff are helping me acquire new skills through lessons and clinics. My skills and confidence level has increased greatly and with continuous support from Christine and SMR staff I will be ready for college rodeo in the fall. I am very happy with the purchase of my mare and the progress I continue to show. I owe much of my success to the great teaching and support from Christine and the Still Meadows Ranch staff.

Lilian and Brandie - 2010

I started jumping with Christine 2 years ago. I was new to the sport and knew nothing and was inexperienced. At first I rode their lesson horses then I advanced to my own horse.

We started out with not looking down and putting my hands up on her neck. I went from cavaleties to actual jumps from Christine’s guidance and help. I felt comfortable and secure.

We were ready for our first show at Still Meadows and Christine was my coach and here to support us. Brandie and I were enjoying ourselves and we placed well.

Thank you very much Christine for everything that you have done for me and Brandie.

Marie - 2010

In the summer of 2011 I took a work placement at Still Meadows Ranch. Here I discovered western riding – I learned its diverse practices and I immediately liked it! It was hard first because I was used to english equitation and jumping – it was difficult to even sit on a western saddle! But when I finally found my place on those saddles, I just loved it!

The Rusnak family gave me a warm welcome and thanks to them I learned a lot about the various western practices. Western equitation, cattle penning, roping, barrel racing – they were all great. I participated in the Still Meadows Ranch fun show & gymkhana and recieved all sorts of mentorship from the Rusnaks. As a result, I placed in several of the classes and had a great time.

I also mentored under Christine and rode some of the younger horses. The more I rode, the more I learned. This placement gave me a new vision about western riding! The Rusnak family was fantastic. I was sad when it was time to go back home to France, and I hope someday I'll be able to come back to Still Meadows. I definitely have some fantastic memories and pictures of my time here.

Thank you so much Rusnak family!

FreedomsSuperman - 2010

This is what the owner of "Freedoms Superman" had to say...I first encountered Still Meadows Ranch when I started a summer job there in 2006, I have since returned to the ranch many times. I have become very close to the Rusnak family and consider them family. I purchased Freedoms Superman aka Smith from Still Meadows Ranch the summer of 2009, He was born and raised at the ranch. When I purchased Smith he had extensive training in reining and as a head/heel horse. I brought Smith back to Peterborough Ontario, where I live, and started his training as a jumper. The summer of 2010, I decided to try the sport of Eventing. Smith quickly absorbed the art of dressage, jumper, and cross country. In our first year of Eventing we finished 7th overall at Ontario Championships. At the end of 2010 show season I decided to try Barrel Racing, which he also seems to enjoy, our first time and he placed 3rd in the 3D stake. I cannot thank Still Meadows Ranch enough; I now have a horse that can literally excel in any discipline I choose. SMR uses a thorough training program, whether caring for, starting or training SMR knows horses and have an effective training program. I am proud to ride a horse carrying the SMR brand. If you’re looking to buy a horse they will find one that is right for you.

Watch Paint Dry - 2010

This is what the owner of "Watch Paint Dry" by Freedoms Dry Doc had to say... This is a NICEEE looking horse - He went grand in halter a few times this year (2010), and went grand at the Drayton QH show in All Breed (big class!). I started him myself, he was so easy! He is a big puppy dog and loves people. I have won with him in just about everything in the local circuit... including a couple of english stakes classes. He has a great extended trot naturally!! I just love him all around! Great stallion you have!

Ja Bar TJ - 2008

This is what the new owner of "Ja Bar TJ" wrote...TJ is doing great! I really like him; there hasn't been any jackpots lately because the pcbra finals is coming up so I've been riding him outside the arena lots. Our pasture is 1/4 section so he has lots of room to run. Thanks for the opportunity to own such a nice horse!

Spring 2011 Update: I've been running TJ at jackpots the last few weeks and he's really doing well, placing in the top of the 1D with over 30 entries against some tough competitors. I am just so happy to be riding such a good solid horse. Had an awesome run on TJ in Grande Prairie - ran a 14.220; new arena record for winter series got 1st with over 45 entries!

Otta Be Lucky Sonita - 2008

"Otta Be Lucky Sonita" sold in Fall 2008, and just a few months later in March 2009, this athletic mare took her new owner to 2nd place in the 4 year old heading at the rope horse futurity in Claresholm!